When you’re skinny and balloon roughly forty pounds EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE FUCKING PREGNANT be prepared for everyone to start badgering you for your stretch marks and weight gain.

I haven’t sat around eating Twinkies. I worked as long as I could but I had to quit because my job was too physically demanding on my body. I would be up all night crying because my back hurt so bad.

Sorry. Didn’t know i was supposed to be a size two at nine months pregnant with a roughly nine pound baby.

i want to sit in a hot tub for like 2 hours with wine.

…it sounds so amazing i almost got off on just the thought.  

I love my child so, so very much but I’m fucking miserable and I don’t feel like I have anyone to talk to about it.  I just want to give birth and feel remotely normal again.  

my back hurts, my hips ache, i’ve gained forty pounds, my belly button looks like a wallowed out anus, it feels like i have a knife being shoved up my twat.  

then everyone belittles you for having stretch marks as if cocoa butter is a magical stretch mark remedy made from the jizz of Gabriel the arch angel himself.

blahefksjfkls.  im done ranting.  i love my baby boy more than anything in the world but mommy  is kind of tired of being pregnant.

*sigh* one more week…

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